50 Best Abandoned Cart Subject Lines For Ecommerce

Looking for the best abandoned cart subject lines for ecommerce?

You’re not alone.

I bet if you look in your inbox right now, you’ll have tons of unread emails you never intend to open. Many of which just sound so boring or even annoying. Worst yet, the same is happening to your customers. Their inboxes are crowded and they couldn’t care less about what you have to say…

Unless you give them a strong reason too. 

That’s where these abandoned cart subject lines come into play. When you need to make that alleyoop sale at all costs, just use these subject lines in your abandoned cart flow on Klaviyo and watch the money start rolling in. It’s the easiest money making emails in your entire ecommerce email marketing funnel.

Check them out…

The Reminder Email

This is one of your classic abandoned cart subject lines. This is typically the subject line to use in email #1 of your abandoned cart flow. The entire goal is to just quickly remind people to complete their order, just in case they had to stop for some reason that didn’t have to do with price or shipping.

Did you forget something?
Heading out without checking out?
Oops, you forgot something
You left something behind
Don’t leave your items behind
Your shopping bag misses you
Your cart is waiting
Forgot something? Make it count now
Was there a problem checking out?
Missing something?

The Incentive Email

Sometimes, just reminding people to complete an order isn’t enough. Sometimes, they drop off because of a big objection such as price. In fact, the most popular reason people drop off is because shipping is too expensive. So if you can solve that objection with an incentive, then grab one of these abandoned cart subject lines to make sure they see it!

Good news! Your price dropped!
Complete your order and save 10%
The style in your cart just went on sale!
LAST CHANCE – 15% off your cart!
Check out NOW and get 15% off
Your cart is expiring – save 10% before it does
Complete your order and get free shipping
Free gift now included in your order
Too much? Try 3 easy payments instead
Order now, get FREE extended warranty!

The FOMO Email

The last email in an abandoned cart sequence is usually the most aggressive email and for obvious reasons. At this point, you’ve done everything you can to get people to buy on their accord. All that’s left now is to turn up the scarcity, which is probably one of the most powerful emotional triggers. These FOMO subject lines will help you do this right

It’s still in stock, but not for long
Your cart is about to expire!
Cart expiring in 10… 9… 8…
Choose or lose! Your cart expires today!
Hurry! Your discount expires today!
Say goodbye to your free shipping
It’s either now or never! 3 hours left!
Get it before it’s gone!
Eek! Something you like is almost sold out!

The Funny Email

If you run a more lighthearted brand, then it’s worth looking into funny abandoned cart subject lines. The purpose of these subject lines are to stand out against the typical abandoned cart subject lines. This can be a hit or miss. With that said, the hits tend to be really great and the misses tend to not be that big. So they’re worth a test!

You’ve got this one in the bag (literally)
Let me teleport you back to your cart (free of charge)
Did you forget your preciousss? 
Baby come back! – Your cart
Let’s check this off your list
You left your stuff in our place…
Warning: Unattended items in your bag may be eaten by gnomes
Your cart has a hard time letting go
Your cart misses you like crazy

The Nice Email

Similar to funny abandoned cart subject lines, “nice” is an alternative way to go. Don’t confuse them with “feminine” messaging though. These work even for “manly man” types of brands. The key is to give a compliment based on the type of product they left in their cart.

Trust your instincts
We’d look good together
You’ve got an eye for design
You’ve got great taste, don’t leave it in your basket!
You’ve left something epic in your cart!
Can I give you 10% off your order?
Free shipping on the way…
Don’t forget your 10% off code!
Your cart is loaded & ready to go!
Don’t worry! I saved your order for you