If you’re a direct-to-consumer ecommerce brand looking to break through the noise, experience explosive growth, and become the #1 premium brand in your category then you’re in the right place.

Here’s why…

I specialize in helping ecommerce brands find and exploit “blue ocean” conversion opportunities that can scale your business.


I focus on developing marketing master plans based on these 3 major pillars…

“Danavir is one of the best copywriters and
marketing minds I’ve ever met. I’ve trusted him to write copy and build funnels for clients that had followings of over 1 MILLION fans. I even send my own team to learn from him.”

– Adam Linkenauger, Founder of I Love Basketball TV

Step #1: Conversion Analysis

Every direct-to-consumer brand has conversion bottlenecks that are costing you sales. Before you can fix them though, you have to identify and isolate those bottlenecks. This requires analyzing not just the obvious assets like landing pages and emails, but offers, audiences, competitors, positioning, customer journey’s, “micro-conversion” data, product reviews, customer inquiries, and more. You want to do this for both the products and the brand.

The goal is to find your biggest conversion opportunities for growth.

Step #2: Positioning & Messaging Strategy

If you want to turn a stranger into a customer and then into a brand evangelist, you can’t just rely on your product to do it for you. Instead, you have you to create compelling marketing messages for both your brand and your product based on buyer psychology and competition. This is the key to developing and sending the right marketing message to the right person at the right time. When you get this right, you’ll have achieved both top of mind awareness and message-to-market match.

The goal is premium pricing, category creation, and higher conversions rates.

Step #3: Business Model Optimization

The most profitable businesses are a result of creating highly efficient customer acquisition systems, achieving high average order values, boosting repeat purchases, and raising retention rates… all while building brand equity. This can be achieved by optimizing your entire business model through strengthening your customer journey, sharpening your product offerings, plugging in all “conversion leaks” and more.

The goal is to maximize customer acquisition while boosting AOV and LTV.

“Danavir is my go-to-guy when I need A-level copy written. Unlike a lot of other copywriters I’ve worked with, he really understands customer psychology at a deep level and that’s what makes his stuff pull so well.”

Ron Reich, Consultant

About Me

When my first ever consulting client saw a 600% increase in his monthly revenue after a tweaks to his business model, that’s when everything changed. I was just 15 years old at the time.

Since then, I’ve repeatedly helped physical & digital product ecommerce businesses of all sizes identify their biggest conversion bottlenecks, strategize their messaging, sharpened their positioning, and optimized conversions that grew their stores.

I’ve been featured on Entrepreneur, Forbes, Sumo, Marketing Prof’s, Problogger, Neil Patel, Grow & Convert, and more…

I’ve been called everything from a “content marketing kingpin” to a “copywriting prodigy” from other well-respected professionals.

I started a humble copywriting blog and grew it into one of the most recognizable and respected copywriting education companies online. This includes growing the highest-rated copywriting group on Facebook. Writing one of the most well-regarded marketing articles on the internet in 2016. And earning the attention and trust of some of the world’s greatest living direct response copywriters within just months of starting.

“I’ve applied Danavir’s advice to both my own projects and the work I do with clients, especially with email. The results? Higher open and click rates. Fewer unsubscribes. More leads and sales.

Nathan Collier, Founder of The Content Marketing Lounge

How To Work With Me

Whether you’re a direct-to-consumer brand looking to hire me to help you scale your ecommerce store, you want me to speak at your next event, or just need to reach out to me for any other reason at all, just fill out the form below. I’ll personally reply back as soon as possible.

“I don’t vouch for many people, but Danavir is a relentless workhorse who is a fountain of ideas. That combined with his experience only means success when working with him.”

– Sol Orwell, Founder of Examine.com