The Top Advertising Agencies In Miami For Ecommerce Businesses

Trying to find the top advertising agencies in Miami for ecommerce brands is like looking for sasquatch. Lots of rumors and fake citings. But unlike sasquatch, these ecommerce advertising agencies do exist in Miami. You just have to know where to look.

That’s where this list comes in.

Below, I’ve curated the top advertising agencies in Miami when it comes to marketing DTC ecommerce bands or really any retail business looking to sell physical goods on the world wide web so that you don’t have to read all of the top digital marketing books and do everything yourself.

So with that said, here we go…

The Factors Behind Choosing The Top Advertising Agencies In Miami

The big problem with “top lists” is that they’re usually not really well organized. What makes one agency worth being on the list and while others are not? To solve this problem, I’ve come up with a list of criteria to follow.

Location – The agency must have at least one office in Miami, FL
Specialization – They must clearly position itself as an ecommerce agency
Uniqueness – They can’t just be run of the mill. They need a strong USP.
Services – They must offer advertising services for ecommerce clients

Considering so few advertising agencies in Miami actually follow any of these criteria, this will be a short list. But at least it will be a targeted, well curated list that will help you pick the best one, whether you’re an ecommerce business looking for a partner or you’re an ecommerce marketer looking for a great job.


Let’s start with my agency. The reason why SupplyDrop is one of the top advertising agencies in Miami is because it’s the first and only Miami marketing agency to specialize in just creative for ecommerce brands. 

This means high performance ad creative and social media content for different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, and even TikTok. All of which is created based on our proprietary processes that allow us to make sure every piece of creative we make actually leads to sales.

Considering the success of your ecommerce brand will come down to the quality and volume of your creative, it’s realistic to say that SupplyDrop is the most important Miami advertising agency on this list. Because without great creative, you can hire the world’s best media buyers and still see horrible results. But with lots of great creative, you can make even the world’s most average media buyer seem like a genius.

In addition, we also offer Facebook and Instagram media buying services.

Because if you’re going to hire us for the best ad creative in Miami for ecommerce brands, you might as well hire us to run those ads for you. For best results, anyway.

So regardless of who you end up hiring from this list of agencies, you’re going to want us to handle your creative. Particularly if you want to experience explosive growth and become the #1 brand in your category.


Everstar is an ecommerce marketing agency located in Fort Lauderdale. What’s interesting behind Everstar though is not what they do, but the founder that started it. 

You see, Everstar was started by a billion dollar entrepreneur.

Lolita Pettrosov made her money with a private aviation booking platform called JetSmarter. And during the process realized that most agencies weren’t built to actually be aligned with their client’s goals. So after she sold JetSmarter, she decided to start Everstar. This means an agency focused on metrics, not fluff.

That’s a pretty sweet USP.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they can automatically do good work. But one look at their website and you know they mean business. In fact, just one look at their work and you’ll quickly realize they’ve mastered full service marketing for fashion and lifestyle brands (aka Warby Parker-esq brands)


Do you run an Amazon store? Then this might be the best choice for you.

Thrive is an ecommerce marketing agency with multiple locations. One of which is in Brickell. What makes these guys special is that they’re one of the only top advertising agencies in Miami I’ve seen to offer a full suite of services for Amazon sellers.

This includes Amazon SEO, PPC, and branding.

They also offer a ton of services outside of just Amazon, which kind of makes them a one stop shop for pretty much everything you need. Part of this is because they don’t necessarily specialize in ecommerce, but so few Miami advertising agencies offer Amazon marketing services, I felt like they should be on this list.

So if Amazon is a big part of your success as an ecommerce brand or you’re just looking to get into it, these guys will have you covered.

Upward Commerce

Upward Commerce is located in Miami Beach. On the surface level, they look like any average Miami marketing agency. But they have one thing that’s noteworthy. Their specialization in performance marketing.

This means they won’t waste your money on branded ads.

And this emphasis on performance runs across their entire service offering.

They offer everything from SEO to product relationship analysis. Plus, of course, advertising. Particularly SEM, display advertising, and social media advertising

There’s one more interesting thing to note though…

They claim they have customizable payment terms. More specifically, they say “pay only for what they need, on the schedule you need”. I’ve never hired them, so hard to say how truthful this claim is, but it’s interesting.


1Digital is another agency with multiple offices, with one located in Brickell. And unlike most advertising agencies in Miami, they clearly put their specialization as ecommerce right on their homepage. That’s a good sign.

What makes 1Digital unique is its technical expertise.

They have the capabilities to work with any major ecommerce platform. Combined with their advertising services and you get an agency that can handle the most annoying problems you can face as an online business.

When it comes to their advertising services though, there’s also something unique.

They are one of the only advertising agencies in Miami who offer free media buying audits specifically for ecommerce brands. This makes it super easy for you to get started with them.

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