The 5 Best Converting Shopify Themes In 2021

If you’re going to open an online store, might as well use one of the best converting Shopify themes. The question is, which themes are designed for conversion rather than looks?

To solve this problem, I’ve gone out and looked through a ton of themes. I’ve checked everything from their features list to the formatting of the actual website. Then I listed and ranked them based on which ones I believed were just built for sales in mind. Now, I’m going to share that list with you.

So with that said, here we go…

What To Look For In The Best Converting Shopify Themes?

Shopify themes that convert come down to user experience. If you make it easy for people to make a purchase, then you’ll see more sales, especially if you stack on useful Shopify apps. Likewise, any friction you cause will dramatically reduce your sales. The store must be able to fit within that framework.

Now, most Shopify and Shopify Plus themes are customizable. But, there are many features within Shopify stores that are just built into the system. Some of these features are so critical to user experience, that they increase sales just for being built into the site.

Some of these features include…


And more.

So what’s the trick to picking the best ones?

It’s understanding that the best high converting Shopify themes don’t have just 1 or 2 of these features. They have them all or at least almost all of them. There is no chance you’re going to have a Shopify store that converts without these major things.

Just imagine trying to sell shoes with a store that takes 30sec to load.

Heck, even you won’t like your own store, much less people strangers who just want to buy stuff. So don’t get a theme that doesn’t have this stuff already built into their system

Best Converting Shopify Theme Winner: Turbo Theme

Out of all the best converting Shopify themes, this is my favorite.

In fact, I recommend everyone to use Turbo no matter what. Even if you don’t care about conversions, I still recommend it. I love it that much.

So what makes it so impressive? It’s fast.

Hence the name Turbo.

Speed is one of the biggest factors to not just increasing your conversion rates, but it also directly affects your SEO as well. That’s a double whammy in the world of Shopify themes. 

The craziest part is that they’re able to do this without harming the design, which goes to my next compliment. The built in design for Turbo is perfect for making sales. And by design, I mean everything. The way visuals “drape” on the site are perfect. Navigation is simple and intuitive. And everything looks just as good on mobile as it does desktop.

It’s also an extremely customizable theme that many ecommerce agencies and ecommerce consultants use as a base to make custom themes for clients.

In fact, it’s only second to their Flex Theme when it comes to customization. 

Best Converting Shopify Theme Runner Up: Flex Theme

Out Of The Sandbox is a quality Shopify theme publisher. So when they came out with their Flex theme, I was as excited as anyone else. Could they top Turbo?

When it first launched, I couldn’t tell the difference. But the more I looked into it, the more obvious their goals were. They didn’t try to top Turbo. Instead, they went in another direction.

With Flex, the idea was to emphasize customization.

You can pretty much customize anything you want on this theme. This includes making all the customizations you want to make the design as high converting as possible. If you run a business where visuals are key, you can customize to fit those needs. If navigation is where your last theme was weak in, Flex fixes that. If responsiveness is key for you, then Flex helps with that too. There is no more customizable theme today that Flex.

So if for some reason you don’t think Flex works out of the box, you can fix it yourself.

It’s fast and easy. My 2nd choice after Turbo.

Best Converting Shopify Theme For Visuals: Retina

I may be a big fan of themes made by OutofTheSandbox, but they’re not the only ones who make great themes. One of those other themes is Retina.

This is the theme for brands in visual categories like apparel, footwear, and jewelry.

Right from the get-go, you’re stopped by an amazing product image with copy that takes you exactly where you need to go. Of course, you have to supply the amazing creative to make it work for you, but if you can nail it, then you’ll really nail it.

Videos are also a big part of this theme. You can even put one directly on the homepage.

The slide out cart is also a neat feature.

Lastly, it’s a pretty customizable theme. It’s no Flex theme, but it’s still strong. So if you need to make any significant changes to help increase conversion rates, it can be done.

Suffice to say, this is a good theme for just about any ecommerce business from high ticket dropshipping and print on demand t-shirts to starting a clothing line or a luxury jewelry brand.

Best Converting Shopify Theme For CPG: Envy

If you sell CPG products like food & beverage, personal care, cosmetics, and home products, then Envy is a great choice.

The built in layout is absolutely perfect to showcase hero products. This is critical if you want to send people to the right funnels. For example, if you have 3 best sellers, you want your homepage to be focused on those 3 rather than your entire collection or buttons that just take people to your collections page.

It was also built for mobile screens first rather than desktop.

Out of the themes we talked about already, it’s not exactly the most customizable. However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you don’t have an eye for design, it helps to have a theme that just works right out of the box without too many customizations. In other words, it’s one of the best converting Shopify themes due to it being “ready to go”.

Plus, you still have multiple variations of the site, which all look great.

Best Converting Shopify Theme For Single Products: Narrative

Not all ecommmerce businesses need multi-page stores. In fact, one of the best converting Shopify themes is a 1-pager. It’s called Narrative.

It’s particularly useful for high end products or technology brands since you only have a limited inventory anyway, so might as well focus your entire homepage to selling it. The same goes for any other category where you naturally end up with a small catalog. 

And because it’s a 1-pager, it has some unique features.

One is the hero video, which is critical to the entire page. Kind of like how a Kickstarter video “makes” Kickstarter landing page great. Same goes for Narrative. 

It’s also organized in a flow that leads to naturally storytelling, which makes Narrative a great option for products that need a lot more sales power behind it to make the sale.

Here’s the craziest part though?

It’s 100% free. 

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