10 Best Low Cost Business Ideas For Introverts In 2021

The best low cost business ideas for introverts are not like “regular” ideas.

When you’re an extrovert, you have no problem in social situations. This includes getting in front of investors, running around your city looking for distribution opportunities, and getting on the phone with tons of manufacturers just to figure out if your idea can become a real thing.

When you’re an introvert though, you want the opposite.

So in this article, we’re going to go over the 10 best low cost business ideas for introverts.

The type that are actually likely to work without putting you in uncomfortable situations every waking moment of you day.

No, we won’t be talking about affiliate marketing vs dropshipping.

We’re going to talk about ecommerce business ideas.

Let’s do this…

Start A Coffee Brand

There is nothing more introvert-friendly than coffee. It’s also one of the most popular beverages in the entire world, period. So if you think you would enjoy trying a bunch of different coffee beans to create the most delicious cup of coffee product ever made, then this is perfect for you. 

Like most beverage products, eventually you’ll need to go retail to scale a coffee brand. However, it’s actually one of the few beverage product ideas that have a long ecommerce runway due to its insanely high repeat purchase rate. In fact, it’s possible to see a 50% repurchase rate with the right wellness marketing strategies.

Start A Perfume Business

Smell is a super intimate sense. It varies a ton from individual to individual. And it’s a super subtle way to display your own presence. For all of these reasons and more, perfumes and colognes are a great business idea for introverts. Solid colognes also count here.

The best part about the perfume business though is its insanely high margins. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see 85%-95% profit margins, which is almost unheard of in almost any other category. It’s also a business that you potentially start at home for very little capital, making it one of the best low cost business ideas for introverts.

Start A Hair Product Line

Hair products are some of the most popular products in the world of CPG. You have some that specialize in smell, others that specialize in certain ingredients, and yet others that specialize in specific hair types. So while it is competitive, there’s tons of opportunity in it.

Probably the best thing about starting your own hair product line though is the subscription potential. It’s a consumable that needs to be replaced relatively often. This gives it the potential to be a stable business, so as long as your retention game is strong.

Start A Hat Line

Every introvert needs a gnarly hat. In all seriousness though, of all apparel products, a hat line is actually one of the most introvert-friendly. It doesn’t require having to deal with tons of models and there is much less having to deal with angry customers as hats typically are one-size-fits all.

The cool thing about starting a hat line though are the potential markets you can go after. Want to make a hat specific for a political message? Want to go super luxury and create high end hats worth thousands of dollars? Want to make an urban hat with lots of hype? It can all be done.

Start A Watch Business

Introverts are naturally more likely to go “deeper” into when it comes to details. Luckily, this is exactly what the watch community is all about. Watches are one of the biggest collectors items in the world and the fan base behind it want to know every single inch about their watches.

Normally, starting a watch business is expensive. However, if you follow the content and commerce model, you can start one with very little money. Just look at Hodinkee, which is a blog that talks about watches and is now making over $25MM per year selling their own watches.

Start An Essential Oils Business

Many fragrance-based or fragrance-driven businesses are popular with introverts. Essential oils are one of them. Keep in mind, you do not want to join an MLM to sell essential oils. That’s counterproductive. You want to start your own private label brand whenever possible.

When you start a private label essential oils business, you have the flexibility and the economics you need to make money online. This is also a business where you can be the manufacturer rather than the ecommerce brand. Either way, it’s possible to stay 100% online.

Start A Hot Sauce Business

Are you into hot sauce? If so, then this might just be a dream business to start. Hot sauces are a mega popular category with huge potential. Just look at how Hot Ones sold $10MM worth of hot sauces from their shows. This doesn’t count the thousands of brands in retail stores either.

If you’re the manufacturer of these hot sauces, then it’s a relatively cheap business to start. And much like other condiments, is very subscription friendly. Eventually you’ll need retail to scale, but it’s a strong idea that works really well online. This includes a big opportunity to use vegan marketing strategies to launch a vegan hot sauce brand.

Start A Leggings Business

Yoga is huge for both introverts and extroverts. And with businesses like Lululemon trailblazing the path forward, there’s no reason not to start a leggings business if you love leggings. It’s a highly competitive market, but if you can fight the right angle, you can absolutely crush it.

The good thing about leggings is that they’re generally a high AOV product. This is super important if the main driver of your growth is going to be advertising. It’s also a category with tons of demand with a direct opportunity to work with smaller studios instead of retail stores.

Start A Soap Business

In my opinion, soap is one of the best low cost business ideas for introverts. It’s one of the only businesses a completely random person can start from home with very little money. It also has the economics to be a completely 100% ecommerce only model.

Soap is great because there are so many variables you can play with. Smell is one of the most popular, but there are also things like ingredients and the health benefits that go with them. Plus, it’s super subscription friendly. That’s a hard combo to beat.

Start A Toy Business

If you have kids, you’ve probably thought about starting a toy business before. Like most competitive markets, there is a huge demand. At the same time, the right idea can really hit big. You also don’t have to worry about focus groups as your kids will handle that for you with glee.

The amazing thing about toys too is the huge IP potential they have. In fact, toys are one of the only categories with IP potential at all. Just think about Pokemon, Bratz, and even Lego. Not only can you make money from the toy itself, but from the media the promotes it.