8 Best Craft Business Ideas For Stay At Home Moms In 2021

Looking for craft business ideas?

There are hundreds, if not literally thousands of craft business ideas for stay at home moms. The question then becomes which one should you do and why. That’s why in this guide, we’re going to go over the best craft business ideas you can start from home. Primarily ecommerce business ideas.

In this case, “best” means most profitable and doable.

Let’s get started.

Start A Fitness Clothing Brand

Gymshark is a billion dollar company that was started by a 19 year old pizza delivery boy. He started it out of his home literally sewing his own shirts. Now, I’m not saying you will be able to build a fitness clothing empire from home, but it does show that success is possible.

The entire health and wellness category continues to climb with younger generations showing they prioritize their wellbeing more than past generations did. With fitness clothing being one of the most popular health and wellness categories, this is your chance to ride the wave, especially if you use wellness marketing strategies.

Start A Honey Brand

Not everyone makes honey at home, but if you’re one of the few that does, might as well build a business from it. The artisanal honey category, while niche, is thriving and growing. If you can handle the initial legal hurdles to sell and ship honey, you can build a nice business here.

The great thing about artisanal honey is that you can start with very small batches, which is an unfair advantage for new startups that are strapped for cash. Plus, you always have the option to move to a manufacturer if you grow big enough to need a 3rd party to scale.

Start A Popcorn Brand

Did you know popcorn is actually the most profitable product in a concession stand in terms of their profit margin? It’s a little bit different when it comes to selling your own popcorn online, but the point is the same. There is real potential in selling popcorn.

In this category, you have the option to play with any variation of popcorn you may have seen in the past. This includes everything from the classic butter popcorn to the ultra healthy keto popcorn variations… both popped and unpopped.

Start A Frozen Food Brand

Frozen food is one the most competitive sections in a grocery store. While this might scare some people away, it actually proves the demand. This category includes everything from patties to frozen pizza. If you can win here, you can win anywhere.

Frozen food is probably the most difficult category to sell online, but this extra barrier to entry also reduces your overall competition. And where there is less competition, there is opportunity. So if you can overcome the logistical barriers, you’ll have an easier time than most growing.

Start A Lipgloss Brand

Lip gloss is a hugely popular category. And just like the rest of the cosmetics industry, it’s growing fast. In terms of pure profit margin, you really can’t go wrong with any cosmetic product, including lip gloss. So if you like lip gloss, it might be worthwhile to start your own brand.

Lip gloss is a category you can get into without spending as much money as you would have to in other cosmetic categories. It’s also very rare to see an entire makeup brand specialize in just products for your lips. Both points lead to business that has a good chance to succeed.

Start A Dog Treat Brand

If you want craft business ideas that are recession proof, the first one to look at is the dog treat category. Multiple recessions have shown that people treat their dogs with just as much care as their regular family. So if you want stability, this is a great category to get into.

What’s great about dog treats is that they’re better to sell online than regular dog food because they have great price points and weigh less. This is a critical combo to make paid ads work. Plus, you still get all the benefit of dog food driven businesses.

Start A Pottery Brand

If you make pottery at home, then it might be time to start your own pottery brand. Home goods are one of the most popular categories in all of ecommerce, especially with people staying in their homes more than before.

Because you can make your own pottery, you can start your business with hundreds of dollars rather than tens of thousands. It also leads to higher profit margins. And most importantly, you can make unique pottery which can sell at really high price points.

Start A Bath Bomb Brand

Sometimes, the only thing stopping someone from building a business from home is the cost and complexity of starting that business. If this sounds like your situation, then I’d consider starting a bath bomb business.

Not only is the bathroom category a proven winner, but bath bombs are one of the lowest barrier-to-entry businesses out there. And best of all, it’s a perfect gateway offer to other bathroom products.