10 Best Small Garage Business Ideas In 2021

If you’re looking for the best small garage business ideas in 2021, then you’re in the right place.

Technically, any one of the many ecommerce business ideas can be started in your garage, but if you want to maximize the amount of money made per square foot, then you need product ideas with great unit economics or really low startup costs.

So let’s talk about it…

Start A Coffee Brand

Believe it or not, many coffee brands start at home, including garages. The reason is that coffee is a relatively easy beverage product to store in a garage. This turns your garage into a makeshift “warehouse” where you ship your coffee from.

Of the type of beverage brands you can start, coffee is one of the best. You don’t need $100,000 to start, it’s easy to store, the margins are solid, and the repeat purchase rate is extremely high due to the overwhelming passion people have for their coffee.

Start A Toy Brand

Toys are one of the broadest categories around. We’re talking anything from yo-yo’s to coming up with the next Power Rangers action figures to even popular Kickstarter board games. And yes, you can store and ship them from your garage.

Toy brands have the highest ceiling of any product category. That’s because toys have the ability to either scale existing IP or create your own IP from scratch. One example of this is the old school Lego. It went from just blocks to a multi-billion dollar content and commerce empire.

Start A Leggings Brand

If Levi Jeans can start from the trunk of a car, you can start the next big leggings brand from your garage. They’re in fact one of the easiest to store products on this list because they’re compact, durable, and easy to ship.

Leggings are unique in that they’ve turned from an article of clothing for fitness to becoming casual wear. This broadens the potential market, which makes it easy to find paying customers for. Plus, the unit economics behind them are some of the best in apparel.

Start A Hot Sauce Brand

Typically, you won’t see many food brands starting at home. Fortunately, hot sauce is one of those food products that can be stored and shipped out of a garage because they’re a condiment. They’re small and can last long without refrigeration.

Hot sauces are an interesting category, especially if you consider the fact that Hot One’s sold over $10MM worth of hot sauces due to their show’s popularity. Of course, you don’t need a mega hit Youtube show to sell hot sauce. Instead, getting good at recipes and photography will do the trick.

Start An Essential Oils Brand

Rarely will someone think about essential oils when thinking about the best small garage business ideas. Yet, it’s extremely practical as essential oils need to be stored and shipped from controlled spaces for maximum efficiency. Luckily, garages provide that.

Essential Oils can be a complicated category due to their unit economics and the tendency to be pretty generic to “power users”. However, if you’re smart with your marketing and distribution, you can build a nice business around essential oils.

Start A Supplement Brand

Supplements are one of the most popular product categories to start in garages. That’s mostly because supplements are one of the easiest products to store due to their very long expiration dates and lack of high maintenance protocols to keep them “working”. Plus, supplement marketing strategies tend to be very cash flow positive.

Supplements are the dream business for anyone who is into fitness. Not only do customers absolutely love them, but they also have extremely high profit margins. Plus, if you need extra help shipping products, you can split between your garage and Amazon FBA.

Start A Candle Brand

Depending on your definition of a “garage”, it’s possible to say that candles are one of the original “best small garage business ideas”. They’re relatively easy to make, the materials to make them are super cheap, and they’re easy to store and ship to any customer.

Candles are also great because they have high profit margins, especially if you sell premium or luxury priced candles. They’re also extremely customizable because fragrances are customizable in general. One great example of this is Homesick, which sell a scent per city.

Start A Soap Brand

If I had to pick between the best small garage business ideas, this would be it. It’s one of the only business ideas that can turn into a sizable business almost entirely from your garage. Plus, it’s one of the few fragrance-related products that are still direct response friendly.

The funny thing is that there’s a huge community of soap makers who also make their soaps in their garages. And because soap made naturally at home can actually be sold at a premium, it’s almost an excuse to keep all manufacturing as in-house as possible, for as long as possible.

Start A Perfume Brand

Perfume is a great business to start from your garage. It can be a little complicated to make your own vial, but it is doable. With that said, if you go the solid cologne/perfume route, it’s even easier. You just have to be a little more careful with the storing than with other products.

Perfumes are amazing because they have the biggest margins in all of CPG. In fact, it’s very common to see margins of up to 90% in this category. The downside is that they require “sample packs” to persuade people to buy, but the margins on the full products are worth it.

Start A Skincare Brand

Skincare is one of the better garage business ideas. Depending on the product, you can actually start by making some of them at home. Plus, they’re generally really easy to store and ship. So if skincare is your thing, I give it two thumbs way up.

Skincare is one of the most durable brands when it comes to margins. It’s also a category where you can see huge average order values due to their pricing and ease of bundling. Best of all, they’re super direct response friendly, which means more sales, faster.