10 Best Health And Wellness Business Ideas In 2021

Looking for health and wellness business ideas that can feel like scrolling through Netflix.

There are literally so many choices to pick from that you just tune it all out. Well, we’re going to fix that by curating only the best health and wellness business ideas you can start today. These ecommerce business ideas will all be handpicked based on difficulty, potential, required skill level, and startup investment required.

In other words, the ideas you’re most likely to succeed with, assuming you use the the right wellness marketing strategies, of course!

So let’s get started…

Start A Coffee Brand

Coffee is the 3rd most popular beverage in the world. It’s also arguably the 3rd most popular health beverage in the world since coffee is the #1 source for most people’s caffeine these days even in the world filled with Red Bull and Monster energy drinks.

Coffee is an incredibly strong ecommerce product to sell because people who drink coffee absolutely love coffee. This can be seen in the average coffee brand’s extremely high repeat purchase rate, which sometimes go up to 50%. That’s almost unheard of in any category.

Start A Hair Product Brand

Health and wellness products aren’t just food, they’re also hair care. Whether you want to keep your hair healthy with enhanced conditioners or you just want to look good with mousse, it all counts. It’s a wildly popular category with proven big dogs like Paul Mitchell.

Like most health and wellness business ideas, hair care products are extremely subscription friendly. Hair care products can also have very favorable price points that make it easier to sell with Facebook ads versus most food & beverage products.

Start A Leggings Brand

Leggings are probably one of the most popular health and wellness business ideas on this list. This is primarily because of Lululemon’s rise that allowed leggings to go from yoga apparel to “athleisure” apparel for healthy and fit women.

Leggings are an interesting category because they’re just so damn popular. They also have much better price points and margins, which allow them to be more profitable when running advertising to them versus other clothing items like t-shirts and hats.

Start A Hot Sauce Brand

Most people wouldn’t think of hot sauce to be a wellness product and that’s because it normally isn’t. But what if there was a way to create a new category of hot sauce that boosts performance? With the right ingredients, this is more than possible.

Hot sauces are great for the same reason infomercial products sell… they’re easily demonstrable. You can build a media empire that shows a bunch of different recipes that all contain a layer of your hot sauce. This strategy can literally sell millions of bottles.

Start An Essential Oils Brand

For some people, there is no health and wellness without essential oils. If this sounds like you, why not start your own brand? This isn’t exactly the easiest category to succeed in because most people go the generic route right away. But if you can differentiate your brand, you win.

There is a certain part of the population that is absolutely obsessed with essential oils, which makes it attractive from the get-go. It’s also one of the cheaper health and wellness business ideas to get into. So if you’re on a really tight budget, this is one idea to strongly consider.

Start A Supplement Brand

There is no more iconic health and wellness business idea than the supplement. It’s virtually impossible to go a day without seeing some kind of supplement ad. That’s because it’s a massive multi-billion dollar industry that is still growing at breakneck speed, especially due to huge advancement in supplement marketing strategies.

In this category, you can sell anything from typical protein powder to advanced nootropics. In all cases though, you’ll get to experience some of the best profit margins in the game. As long as you’re careful with claims, you’ll have an amazing time selling your brand of supplements.

Start A Skincare Brand

Skincare is one of the core wellness categories. Mostly because your skin is the biggest organ in the body, so it needs to be maintained for maximum health. Not to mention that it’s a category that directly influences your appearance, which makes it a super popular category.

If there was a category that would give you the best chance of success, I would say it’s skincare. It has shown to be a category with extremely durable margins. It’s both a wellness category and a beauty category. And the average order value is great.

Start A Soap Brand

The handmade soap category is a growing category that is still in its baby stages. Truth is, the vast majority of people still don’t know the difference between mass produced soap and handmade soap. To someone who knows marketing, this is called opportunity.

The best part about the soap business is that it’s one of the most affordable to get into, whether you want to make the soap yourself or hire a manufacturer to make the soap for you. Either way, you’ll get to enjoy great margins and inventory flexibility that other categories dream of. 

Start A Bath Bomb Brand

Bath bombs are a little known category that has produced several unlikely millionaires, including kids who haven’t even started high school yet. Of all the bathroom products, bath bombs are probably one of the least competitive, which makes it easier for 1st time entrepreneurs to win.

The great thing about the bath bomb business is the startup costs. With most health and wellness business ideas, you may have to spend $10,000+ just to get started with your first batch of inventory. With bath bombs? You can make them from home with less than $100.

Start A Dog Treat Brand

You can’t have a list of the best health and wellness business ideas without an idea specifically to help your furry friend. This category includes everything from regular treats for training to health related products disguised as treats.

The dog treat business is interesting because it has better unit economics than most food & beverage products for humans. In other words, you get to experience better margins and higher price points, which Facebook loves to promote.