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I have 3 main ways we can work together…

The Masterplan Power Day

Want to DOUBLE your business in 1 day?

With this package, we’ll spend a solid 8 hour day together here in Miami, FL creating a marketing master plan from scratch with the goal of doubling your sales over the next 12-18 months. We cover EVERYTHING from brand positioning and product messaging to content strategy and customer journey optimization. No stone is left unturned. 

By the end of the power day, you’ll be have a step-by-step masterplan with ready-to-use marketing assets you can use to explode your business. You also get some awesome bonuses that will guarantee your results.

Fee: $8,000

This is a HEAVY-DUTY package designed for major results.

Perfect for ecommerce businesses that want to SCALE their business and add an extra 0 to their bottom line.

Conversion Consult

Want to BOOST your sales in 1 hour?

In this package, we’ll sit down over Zoom and I’ll personally fix your landing pages, product descriptions, emails, Facebook ads, video ad scripts, and more on the spot. The goal is to 10X your investment by boosting your customer acquisition, average order value, and repeat purchases so you can boost your revenue fast.

By the end of our session, you’ll have brand new, high-converting sales copy that will dramatically boost your revenue.

Perfect for ecommerce businesses that want to turn ad spend into profit.

Available for…

1 session = $495
6 sessions = $2,750
12 sessions = $4,995

Each session is 1 hour and can be cashed in on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

NEW! Social Media Growth Service

Want to GROW your brand’s organic social media following with highly-engaging content?

Looking to use the power of influencer marketing for more PROFIT?

Need HIGH-CONVERTING Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Snapchat creative for your ads?

I’ve just opened up a brand new service where my team and I will help you grow your business with social media. This package includes content strategy, content creation, influencer marketing, and ad creative. 

Best of all… We do it ALL for you, every month.

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