10 Best Home Based Business Ideas For Moms In 2021

There are tons of “home based business ideas for moms” lists out there.

Yet most are severely lacking because they all rely on either very sketchy or very unreliable businesses that wouldn’t bring in a full time income even if you went all in on most of them. 

Inside, we’re going to go over some of the best home based business ideas for moms… for real.

We’re going to go over ecommerce business ideas that are both proven to work, yet also have plenty of opportunity within them so you can go out and actually build a successful brand the first time around.

Let’s talk about it…

Start A Coffee Brand

I wouldn’t be surprised if coffee was the number beverage for moms, whether for the caffeine or for the overall taste. It also happens to just be one of the best beverage-related home based business ideas for moms because of how easy it is to store and ship.

The best part about coffee is the subscription numbers behind it. Because of its mildly addicting nature, people who end up liking your coffee brand will get hooked. That’s why it’s very common to see repeat purchase rates of up to 50% in this category when you use wellness marketing strategies.

Start A Hair Product Brand

Both men and women love their hair products. Some products in this category include shampoo and conditioner. However, you can also include out-of-shower hair products like pomade, mousse, and anything else hair-related.

Hair products are consumables. This means they thrive when sold as subscriptions so you can ramp up the LTV. This means while you need to keep an eye on your front-end metrics, hair products are actually one of the more sustainable businesses to start.

Start A Hot Sauce Brand

If you’re the type of mom who is into hot sauce, then it’s only natural that you should think about starting your own brand. Whether you want to make something mild or something so wildly hot that it makes celebrities cry, there’s a space for you here.

The hot sauce category is not an “easy” category. You will need to build some type of audience and rely on some retail distribution to hit your revenue numbers, but there is a bright side. It’s a ridiculously easy product to demonstrate, which is the #1 driver of sales.

Start A Leggings Brand

Leggings are one of the most popular product ideas in the world for women, let alone moms. Best of all, you can start your own leggings brand from home if you really wanted. Neither do you have to build the next Lululemon. A niche leggings brand will do wonders to your bottom line.

Leggings are pretty much the only lower body clothing that can be used as both fitness apparel and athleisure apparel. This gives you tons of flexibility as to what type of customer you want to target. Leggings also can have large price points, which makes it relatively easier to sell with ads.

Start An Essential Oils Brand

Some moms love their essential oils. If that’s you, then you might want to look into starting your own brand. The good news is that it’s a natural business to start from home. In fact, that’s exactly how most essential oil brands start out.

Fair warning, the essential oils business is a little difficult. Mostly because people who dive into this world do very generic things that make it hard to pick your brand over everyone else’s. But if you can figure that part out, then you’re solid.

Start A Hat Brand

Hats are an interesting choice for moms, especially since most moms aren’t into hats. At least, not like dads. With that said, if you know anything about hats, you know there’s way more to the category than your standard baseball cap. So there’s plenty of potential here if you’re into hats.

If you’re starting a cheap baseball cap brand, it’s going to be a little hard to start. But if you’re going premium or luxury, then the hat category is one of more interesting categories out there. Mostly because you can actually sell some hats for over $10,000 a piece!

Start A Supplement Brand

Starting a supplement brand is the one of the best home based business ideas for moms who are into fitness. Heck, you don’t even have to be into fitness because supplements also include “regular” supplements like vitamins for kids. In all cases though, it’s perfect for moms into healthy lifestyles and supplement marketing strategies.

Supplements are one of most popular categories to get started in because they’re just proven to sell. They’re so convenient to use, the margins are amazing, and they’re relatively simple to sell. Of course, this means there’s plenty of competition. But for moms with ambition, that’s not a problem.

Start A Watch Brand

Are you a watch connoisseur? Typically, this is a “guy” thing. But it doesn’t have to be. You can start your own watch brand for women or even dive deep into men’s luxury watches. Either way, the watch category is an extremely promising one for anyone who wants to sell accessories.

In the men’s category, it’s not uncommon to see watches sell for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars a piece. In the women’s category, they sell in droves because a good watch completes a good outfit. You really can’t go wrong with watches.

Start A Sunglasses Brand

Sunglasses are second only to soap as one of the best home based business ideas for moms. You still need a manufacturer and some startup capital to start your own brand, but the unit economics behind sunglasses are legendary. They’re perfect ecommerce product.

Imagine being able to sell $50-$150 sunglasses with margins of 80%+ or more and some of the cheapest shipping costs around… that’s almost unheard of in any category. That’s what the sunglasses category can do for you.

Start A Soap Brand

Soap is the number one business idea for moms who want to start something from home. The reason is because you can actually make premium priced soap from home and the materials needed to make them are relatively cheap. It’s hard to beat in-house manufacturing in a world where numbers determine success.

It’s not uncommon to see handmade soap sell for anywhere between $8-$15 with great margins. They can also be differentiated based on fragrance, health benefits, or both. This makes it one of the ideal “bathroom” products to start a business around.