10 Best Home Business Ideas For Couples In 2021

Interested in home business ideas for couples?

Technically, any business idea can work with a partner, whether you’re a husband and wife or not. However, there are some specific home business ideas for couples that work really well if both people in the relationship work to their strengths.

These ecommerce business ideas don’t require any sort of VC funding either.

You can start these in the comfort of your own home and make a ton of money without needing a traditional office or a huge team. Plus, because you’re starting it with your significant other, it’ll be easier for you to get them off the ground compared to most ecommerce founders.

Let’s talk about them…

Start A Coffee Brand

Are you a coffee couple? If so, then starting a coffee brand might just be for you. Not only is coffee one of the most popular beverages in the world, it’s also a passion product. In other words, people who like coffee absolutely love it and will buy more for years to come, especially when they interact with wellness marketing strategies.

Coffee is also a category with really strong economics behind it. The repurchase rate can be as high as 50%, it’s very “bundable”, and can be positioned as a luxury priced product. This makes it great for ecommerce and retail, which is a 1-2 punch you always want to see.

Start A Hair Product Brand

If you’ve ever had the ambition to become the next Paul Mitchell, then you might like starting your own hair product brand. Think products like shampoos and conditioners, as well as stuff you can find outside of the shower like pomade and mousse. 

Hair care products are extremely popular consumables. This means high repeat purchase rates. And like most personal care items, there are tons of ways you can modify your hair product to both be better and unique compared to the rest of the competition.

Start A Toy Brand

The toy category is one of the craziest categories in all of business. You can do anything from teddy bears to IP based action figures like Star Wars. Sometimes, if you play your cards right, it can also become an IP on its own just like Strawberry Shortcake dolls.

There are so many types of toys that it’s hard to give any concrete numbers. With that said, it’s one of the biggest categories around. It’s also one of the most accessible markets to sell too due to the sheer amount of kids influencers there are on social media. 

Start A Leggings Brand

Yoga is one of the most popular exercise activities in the entire world, especially with women. And due to Lululemon’s dominance in this space, not only are leggings the core product to buy to do yoga, they’re now an “athleisure” product.

Leggings are one of the few apparel products with a potential average order value of $75+ that can be worn all year round. It’s also a product with lots of potential customization options, which leads to bundling. It’s a competitive market, but that also shows it’s overwhelming demand.

Start A Hot Sauce Brand

Hot sauces are a little thought about product category, but for the right couple, it could be one of the more fun products to launch. Considering Hot One’s sold $10MM worth of their own branded hot sauce through their popular show, it’s proof there’s plenty of money to be made here.

The great thing about hot sauce is that it’s a condiment. This makes it relatively simple to sell. Just make tons of awesome looking food with your hot sauce and you’re already miles ahead of most other hot sauce brands who rely on their packaging to win.

Start An Essential Oils Brand

Essential oils are an interesting business. It’s probably the cheapest-to-start business on this list, which makes it super easy to get into. However, it’s a category that mainstream customers don’t fully understand unless you’re using an essential oil that is already super well known.

The power of essential oils will come down to how creative you are with your products. If you avoid just selling something generic like lavender, you’re already doing better than most other essential oil sellers. Plus, strong branding will put you ahead big time.

Start A Sock Brand

A few years ago, the sock category experienced a “golden age”. In fact, you could see this for yourself when Bombas appeared on Shark Tank and got a huge deal with Daymond John. Not to mention, the thousands of popular sock brands that seemed to pop up almost overnight.

The reason? Socks actually have some of the best margins in all of apparel. It’s not uncommon to sell premium socks with margins of 80%. Plus, because socks are so customizable, there are tons of opportunities to sell in bundles.

Start A Skincare Brand

It doesn’t matter whether you start a men’s skincare brand or a woman’s skincare brand. It’s pretty safe to say that the skincare category is one of the best categories to build a business in, period. You just have to decide with your partner which route you want to go.

Skincare is a category with high price points, subscription-friendly, direct response-friendly, great margins and relatively easy to differentiate. For this reason, it’s a competitive category. However, with enough research, you can find a whitespace and absolutely dominate. For example, you can use vegan marketing strategies to build a vegan skincare brand.

Start A Hat Brand

Are you guys into hats? If so, you might want to start your own hat line. Now, when I say hats, I don’t necessarily mean baseball caps. Sure, those count. However, I would think a lot bigger. For example, there are brands that sell $10,000+ Panama hats.

This is not a typical category to get into, but like most “accessory” categories, there’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to price points. In terms of home business ideas for couples, it’s definitely more niche. But this just means less competition to deal with!

Start A Sunglasses Brand

Sunglasses are like the shoes for your face. You can’t look great, especially during the summer, unless you have a nice pair of shades. This makes it one of the best home business ideas for couples who are really into fashion.

Sunglasses are an exciting category because they’re extremely ecommerce friendly. You can see margins of 70%+, price points are typically above $50 for premium sunglasses, and they’re super cheap to ship due to their size and low poundage.