How To Get Reviews On Amazon Fast: The Ultimate Guide

How to get reviews on Amazon fast is quite possibly the most asked question in the Amazon FBA “industry” and for good reason. It has a direct relationship with your rankings and conversion rate. 

Unfortunately, most guides on this topic suck.

Too many “experts” teach black hat techniques that will force Amazon to shut down your store even if you’ve spent years working on it. And others teach techniques that don’t even work that well in the first place. So unless you want to spend years toiling on weird “growth hacks” that will actually set you back, then take what I have to say to heart.

Inside this guide, we’re going to focus only on whitehat techniques.

These are the “legal” ones that you can use from Day 1 and scale up for as many products and brands as you want. Best of all, Amazon will reward you for using them.

So with that said, here we go…

The Basics Of Amazon Reviews

If you want to learn the best ways to get reviews on Amazon, you first have to understand what you should avoid at all costs…

Incentivized reviews.

Basically, this means you can’t do anything to give people a reason to just say “Yes, this product is awesome”. That means no discounts or any sort of personal relationship between the reviewer and you. Already, this throws away any obvious strategies used in the past that were hyped up and ultimately exploited as the “best ways” to get reviews.

So if you can’t incentivize people to review, what can you do?

We’re going to go deep on that in the following sections.

But before we go into them, the truth is that the best way to get reviews on Amazon is to have a “good” product. I know, you’ve heard this before millions of times. But what does this actually mean and how can you improve your products to make sure people naturally leave reviews?

The answer is the “wow” factor.

This means finding a product that…

1/ Solves an important or urgent problem
2/ Gets the customer their desired result fast
3/ Does it in a simple, clean, and easy way
4/ Sees product as more valuable than the cost
5/ Enjoys unboxing and using the product

If all you’re doing is using Amazon to sell your clothing line, this might not seem relevant, but it is. You’re solving the important problem of looking good. You want customers to get the right fit the first time. You want the experience of buying to be really simple. You want to position it as a premium clothing line. And you want people to enjoy trying it on.

The same goes for any category.

So before worrying about any of the tactics below, make sure to get this right. In fact, if you really want to learn how to get reviews on Amazon fast, then build a product that uses other people’s reviews to make sure you copy everything customer’s like, while fixing everything customers didn’t like about your competitors products.

How To Get Initial Reviews On Amazon: The First 10

The first few reviews are always the hardest to get and the most exciting, particularly if you’re starting a brand new Amazon FBA business. They’re also the most important since you need some initial momentum to really get any help from Amazon itself.

That’s why the first strategy is to build a “Hot List” of subscribers.

So let’s say you’re building a clothing line, but you’re so new that Amazon won’t send you traffic. Well, the only real answer to this problem is to look for outside sources of traffic. This means building an audience of people who, in a perfect world, are waiting for you to launch your product. But if not, are at least interested in your style of clothing.

To do this, you have to completely forget about Amazon and start producing organic content through Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or any other media platform of your choosing. Then focus on just that one platform for the next 3-6 months. During the last 1-2 months, you want to build your “Hot List” by sending your traffic to an opt-in page that promises to update subscribers when you launch. 

This is enough time to build a very small, but loyal organic following who are ready to buy

There is no exact number to how many people you need on this “Hot List”, but it’s safe to say that the more, the merrier. Practically speaking though, it would be best if you could get to 500 subscribers. It’s not a failure if you don’t get to 500 though. But it is a problem if you’re struggling to get 25 subscribers. If that’s the case, you’ll need to fix that problem.

But as long as you have a newsletter with subscribers, you’ll always have a chance with Amazon.

The second strategy is Amazon’s early reviewer program.

Basically, it’s an in-house program that allows you to get your first 5 or so reviews. There are requirements to be eligible though…

1/ It costs $60 to join
2/ It’s only for products
3/ It’s only if you have less than 5 reviews
4/ Your selling price should be over $15

If you are eligible to be a part of the program, it is absolutely one of the best things you can possibly do to jumpstart your progress. With that said, there is a really big downside though. 

It can take weeks or months to take effect.

So if you want to get your first 10 reviews, spend the next 3-6 months growing a “Hot List” and somewhere halfway, sign up for Amazon’s early reviewer program. This one-two punch will get you there, guaranteed. All you need is a little patience.

How To Get More Reviews On Amazon: The Next 25

By the time you have 10 reviews, you will have been making sales pretty consistently. That’s when you start optimizing every other checkpoint for reviews.

The first step is to use product inserts.

These are essentially slips of paper you include in your product’s packaging to tell customers to leave reviews. Again, the key here is to not incentivize. That means no discounts or anything. It’s also critical that you have no language that implies leaving any positive reviews. So feel free to ask for reviews, but be as neutral about it as possible.

The second step is to start increasing your sales with discounts.

So while you can’t incentivize reviews with discounts, you can still use discounts to incentivize sales. And the more sales you can get, the more likely you’ll get more reviews. At this stage, it’s a smart idea to do deep discounts of 25% to get in as many news sales as possible. Remember, momentum is everything on Amazon, especially when your store is new.

The third step is to request reviews from positive feedback.

This is when Amazon sends an email to everyone who gave your product positive feedback, but hasn’t left a review. Fair warning though, you can only ask for the review once. So if you’re going to do it, be 100% sure you’re going to get results from it. With that said, don’t be afraid to use it either. Because the best time to use it is when someone has just used your product.

The last step is to request reviews through customer service.

Because, why not? If you’re going to spend time 1-on-1 with a customer, then now is the perfect time to ask them to leave a review. Of course, you still can’t incentivize them or anything. Stay neutral, whenever possible. But nothing is going to be as efficient as a person directly telling a customer to leave a review.

How To Get Reviews On Amazon Fast: Next Steps

At this point, you now officially have true momentum.

But you can’t stop there. Amazon is a never ending game of getting more great reviews because of how they affect your rankings and how they increase your conversion rate. So keep the wheels turning, here’s what you need to focus on…

First, you want to continue building your audience.

Amazon is a fickle beast, so you never want to put yourself in a position where your entire business either grows or fails based on what Amazon says. The traffic from Amazon will also cap out eventually, especially with new entrants always coming in. So build your own audience so you can drive traffic of your own. This will strengthen your business tenfold.

Second, you want to launch new products.

If you really want to learn how to get reviews on Amazon fast, then you need to really understand the math of reviews. Luckily, it’s simple. The more sales you get, the more likely you’ll get reviews. And what’s the best way to get more sales? You want to launch new products. In fact, you should be planning to launch 3-5 new products within the first 2 years of your Amazon business. 

Lastly, rank new products with Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC.

In every list about how to get reviews on Amazon fast, people forget that your rankings are what directly affect the number of sales you get from Amazon. So while you’re building your audience and launching new products, you want to make sure you get to rank every product over time. Because that’s pretty much the point of selling your products on Amazon anyway.

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