How To Increase Sales On Amazon: The Definitive Guide

Wondering how to increase sales on Amazon?

That’s the most popular question asked by people ever since Amazon started letting anyone sell their wares through their FBA program. And why not? If you get it right, Amazon will be able to send you a flood of traffic, which results in a lot of money. So if you’ve ever thought about starting a supplement brand, a makeup line, a candle business, a streetwear brand, a beverage brand, or possible even a luxury brand, Amazon is a good choice as a launchpad.

But it’s because of this opportunity that makes it so hard today.

Competition is forcing Amazon FBA sellers to get really savvy about the algorithm and try new strategies that the masses aren’t doing. Today, there’s opportunity again. But you have to know where to look.

So let’s talk about it…

How To Increase Traffic To Amazon Listing

The first step to learning on how to increase sales on Amazon is pumping up those traffic numbers. I’m going to assume you already have a few listings up, which means you have the assets done and data to analyze.

In all cases though, this is going to come down to rankings and CTR.

Increasing your rankings boosts your impressions. Increasing CTR boosts traffic.

So how do you do this?

1/ Prioritize Amazon SEO
2/ Get more Amazon reviews
3/ Improve your product picture
4/ Improve your listing title
5/ Improve your pricing 

In that order…

When it comes to Amazon SEO, it’s pretty straightforward. Are you using keywords that people are actually looking for? And are you using Keywords that have low enough competition that you can rank for? Easier said than done, but it is that simple. The key here is to just spend time researching what non-traditional keywords that fit your product. For example, butt acne for a soap that helps your skin.

Product reviews are the most coveted assets on Amazon. But, you can’t solicit them and if you can’t get any on your own, your traffic won’t increase. So how do you get more reviews? The first step is giving customers such an amazing experience, that they’ll want to leave a review on their own. The second is to get traffic from elsewhere, like TikTok or Youtube, and let you product do the rest.

Next, your product picture. Your product picture is quite possibly the most important part of your listing when it comes to impressions. That’s because even if you rank high, if no one stops to read your listing, you have no chance of even getting a click. So hire a professional photographer to handle this part for you.

After your product picture, your listing title comes next. Your main goal here is to tell people exactly what they want to hear. So if you followed the Amazon SEO recommendations, you pretty much should be fine. 

Lastly, it’s your pricing. Just worry about being competitive relative to your competitors.

How To Increase Sales With PPC On Amazon

At one point or another, learning how to increase sales on Amazon will involve advertising. It costs money, yes. But it is by far the most straightforward thing you can do to drive your sales.

So with that said, any hacks to making this work?

Well, if you do everything else I’ve talked about on this guide, you’ve already done at least half of the work. That’s because advertising in and of itself is just a promotional tool. For it to actually work, the traffic you get from it actually has to be profitable. Otherwise, it’ll end up being the fastest way to make you homeless.

When it comes to the actual PPC, you want to focus on fundamentals.

This means marketing your products to the right audience.

So you must understand…

Negative Targeting
Campaign Types
Dynamic Bidding
Adjust Bids By Placement
Broad Match Type
Phrase Match Type
Exact Match Type

But before ALL of that, what you really need to understand is the math behind your success. This means knowing your profit margin before ad spend and then calculating your gross profit (No need for retention rates since you can’t really do sample-based subscription boxes on Amazon). When you do that, you’ll know exactly how much you can spend to breakeven and have a real ACos you can use to dictate if you’re doing well or not.

Simply put, this means if your product has a 20% profit margin before ad spend, that means you can spend up to 20% of your total margin to acquire a customer. But if you spend less than 20% to make a sale, you’ve now just acquired a customer AND made a profit. This is why increasing your listing’s conversion rate is so important, because the number one driver of profitable sales is the landing page and NOT the ad.

The rest of the Amazon PPC game comes down to targeting.

Just make sure you’re targeting the right keywords, look at your numbers, and eliminate anything that doesn’t hit your target ACos.

How To Increase Sales Conversion Rate On Amazon

You have plenty of traffic now, but not enough sales.

Luckily, this is actually the simpler and faster part of the equation.

That’s because whenever you’re trying to figure out how to increase sales on Amazon, 50% of the time it comes down to everything that’s currently on your Amazon listing, from your offer to the messaging.

So let’s start with the offer…

What is your price? What is your guarantee? Are you offering any bonuses?

For the most part, as long as your offer is at least competitive to your biggest competitors, you should be good. But if you’ve ever wanted to make it an “easy yes” for a customer to buy, those are the levers you can manipulate on Amazon.

The rest comes down to your messaging.

On Amazon, this means a long-form landing page with an amazing product description that sells.

This is spearheaded by the unique selling proposition of your product. So if you do not have a clearly presented USP on your landing page, then that’s the 1st thing you should do. Otherwise, you have no real reason for people to pick your product over everyone elses on Amazon.

The rest is benefit-driven copy with visuals that support it.

So if you’re selling a supplement, don’t just tell me it contains pea protein.

Say one delicious scoop of your supplement contains 24g of pea protein. Combined with almond milk, there’s more protein in a sip than 90% of foods you eat for the same amount of calories. Now that’s compelling!

And of course, sparkling Amazon reviews for people who are on the fence.

Lastly, don’t skimp on the visuals.

In fact, if you must hire a professional photographer to handle your product pictures, do it. This is especially true if you sell lifestyle products like apparel, but it applies to all categories. Great pictures alone will skyrocket you conversion rate.

The Amazon Selling Hacks No One Talks About

There’s a lot you can do within Amazon to sell more products, but if all you did was stick to just Amazon, it’s safe to say that you would be missing out on a lot of money.

Which is why I recommend any serious Amazon seller to build a media company.

In other words, you want traffic from outside of Amazon as well. 

So if you sell supplements, do everything you need to do to make sales by exploiting Amazon’s algorithm, but you should also be building a TikTok or Youtube audience around nutrition. The same goes regardless of what category you’re in.

Now, a lot of Amazon guru’s will tell you not to bother.

And you know what? I agree. Particularly if you’re very good at the Amazon game and you’re just looking for the best work-to-profit ratio possible even if it means only reaching 50% of your revenue potential.

But if you’re trying to build a *real* business, building an audience is critical.

Amazon can change their rules at any time, meaning you can lose your rankings or have your listings completely taken down today if they really wanted. Plus, you’ll make way more money since it’s a completely new traffic source. 

Most importantly, you can now sell on Shopify.

“Woah! Shopify?! I thought we were talking about how to increase sales on Amazon?”

Yes, but again, real businesses do not depend their livelihood on someone elses algorithm. At the end of the day, Amazon is great to make money, but not great at building a sellable asset. So once you’re rolling in cash from Amazon, you’re going to want to diversify by also selling through your own Shopify store.

The first step to make that transition smoothly? Build an audience.

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