10 Best Lifestyle Business Ideas In 2021

The best lifestyle business ideas have nothing to do with working from the beach.

Instead, the best lifestyle business ideas are about business ideas that can help buy you both financial and time freedom. It’s the ability to choose what you want to do that makes a “lifestyle” business a lifestyle business. And when it comes to likelihood of succeeding, there are few lifestyle businesses like a solid ecommerce brand.

So the first step is to pick one of many ecommerce business ideas.

Let’s talk about them…

Start A Fitness Clothing Brand

Fitness clothing has been huge for a few decades now. Now, it’s going to be even bigger with Gen Y and Gen Z taking their place as the main customer base. In this category, you can sell everything from shirts to shorts, just like Gymshark by using wellness marketing strategies.

While apparel is one of the more difficult categories to be in, the great thing about fitness clothing is that it’s “tribal”. You can build really niched brands for just powerlifters or just for marathon runners. This radically boosts your chances of success.

Start A Honey Brand

If you’re a food lover that is into honey, this might be a possible lifestyle business for you. More specifically, I’m talking about “artisanal” honey which can sell for a much higher price point than most store bought honey.

The great thing about starting a honey brand is that it’s possible to start from home. If you don’t want to, you still have the opportunity to manufacture it at a relatively small scale. This makes it a flexible business to start if you can find the right partners.

Start A Popcorn Brand

Ever wished you can build your own modern version of Orville Redenbacher? These days, it’s possible to do so without going through the huge barrier to entry that he had to overcome. So if you want to launch the next keto friendly popcorn, this is your opportunity.

Popcorn generally has good margins, particularly when sold at a premium price point. It’s also a category where there isn’t much innovation, at least compared to other food and beverage categories. So there’s an opening for anyone who can find the whitespace.

Start A Frozen Food Brand

There are tons of frozen food brands that are highly successful. Just look at DiGiorno or Boca. You can do the same in the frozen pizza, burger patty, or any other frozen food category. It’s a hard category when it comes to logistics, but if you can overcome it, it’s awesome.

The best route to succeeding with a frozen food brand is to use ecommerce as a launchpad to get you into retail stores as soon as possible. One example of a brand that is doing this well is NightFood. When you can combine both to help each other, you win. Same goes for vegan frozen food brands that use vegan marketing strategies.

Start A Lip Gloss Brand

Lip gloss is a small part of the makeup category, but the lip category is absolutely huge. Kylie Cosmetics is just one example of this. And just like Kylie Cosmetics, lip gloss can also just be an entry product to a bigger, more diverse makeup brand.

Considering the complexities of different types of makeup products, lip gloss is generally one of the simplest. This means it’s generally less costly to start a lip gloss brand than it is to start some other type of makeup product.

Start A Dog Treat Brand

Dog treats are one of the best markets you can get into because the dog market is just immune to a lot of the rollercoaster demand you experience in most other categories. For context, dog treats include everything from regular milk treats to “dental” treats for healthy teeth.

In terms of unit economics, dog treats are also better than dog food. That’s because dog treats generally weigh less, but can be sold more than dog food. This makes it a strong ecommerce product that will work better with paid ads.

Start A Bath Bomb Brand

The “best” lifestyle business idea doesn’t necessarily have to be one that gives you an amazing life as a nomad. Sometimes, it means being able to be your own boss in the first place. And one of the best categories to do this is in the bath bomb space.

Bath bombs are one of the absolute cheapest lifestyle business ideas you can start from home. And because you can make them from home, you can control your “minimums” and cost per unit in a much more flexible way than you could with a manufacturer.

Start A Pottery Brand

If you enjoy making pottery, it’s time to start selling your work online. This category can include anything from plates to mugs and more. Why am I so confident selling pottery online will work? Because the home category is cash cow in ecommerce.

Like with most products you can make from home, you can start with a tight budget. But unlike other categories where there are laws you have to overcome, pottery is as straightforward as it gets. Plus, homemade pottery sells at higher prices than regular pottery.

Start A Toy Brand

If you want to get into a lifestyle business that has an extremely high ceiling, then toys is your answer. This category includes everything from teddy bears to blocks and more. For the best example of a toy brand, look at what Lego is doing by combining content and commerce.

Unlike other lifestyle business ideas, toy brands have scalable IP especially when they get popular. With that said, you also still have the option to be super niche and high end. So there’s a lot of flexibility if you ever want to go from lifestyle business to empire builder.

Start A Hat Brand

When people go into apparel, they rarely talk about hats. Yet, it’s for this very reason why hats are one of the best lifestyle business ideas for people into fashion. It’s a category that includes everything from cheap baseball caps to $10,000+ Panama hats.

One great example of a luxury hat brand is Brent Black. They sell Panama hats worth over $25,000 dollars. This isn’t just a Panama hat thing though. There are tons of hat styles you can build an entire luxury brand around.