15 Best Ecommerce Marketing Newsletters To Subscribe To In 2021

You would think in the age of “peak newsletter”, finding the best ecommerce marketing newsletters would be relatively easy. Turns out, it’s not.

So, I’ve spent the past few weeks looking for them by hand.

Some of them cover hardcore ecommerce marketing tactics. Others cover the ecommerce industry as a whole. And yet others are a mix between the two. 

In all cases though, these are the most helpful, relevant, and overall best I’ve found.

Let’s go through each…

Scale Your Store

Let’s begin with my newsletter. 

I’m a 10+ year ecommerce marketing veteran who’s helped 7 & 8 figure brands like Kettle & Fire, Drink02, and Cup & Leaf grow. I’m also a DTC analyst who analyzes the best growth strategies used by the world’s most exciting ecommerce brands.

I then document everything I learn into every issue.

This makes Scale Your Store the only newsletter on this list that gives the complete perspective you need to launch, grow, and sell any DTC brand you’re working on. It’s 50% market intelligence, 50% high end consulting, and 100% actionable…. making it perfect whether you’re a founder, an executive, or agency.

My goal?

To help double the size of 10,000 ecommerce businesses in the next 5 years.

So if you’re looking for one of the best ecommerce marketing newsletters that consistently delivers the most profitable tactics and strategies, then subscribe to Scale Your Store today.


2PM is one of the only news sources out there that specializes specifically in DTC brands.

It’s written by Web Smith, cofounder of 8 figure apparel brand, Mizzen & Main.

There are two versions of 2PM. The first is one of the few free weekly marketing newsletters that curates the prior week’s top DTC stories. This free newsletter also contains additional insights on important articles, as well as an original article from 2PM. The paid version contains 3 curated newsletters per week, additional articles, exclusive databases, and more.

2PM also has a high end community called Polymathic that only a few people can join.

Web Smith’s ambition is to turn 2PM into The Economist for DTC. Hence why 80% of 2PM is about understanding the DTC industry better than anyone else. The other 20% is made up of strategies like “linear commerce” that can revolutionize the DTC industry.

Starter Story

Every entrepreneur loves a good “rags to riches” story.

Even more entrepreneurs love the specific details of how a business started, the strategies they used to grow, advice for founders, recommended resources, and more. This is what Starter Story is all about.

Every week, they interview different founders about their startup story. Most of these founders are ecommerce entrepreneurs, but there are also other categories that you might be interested in such as services, software, experiences, and more.

What makes Starter Story special is its volume.

There are so many founder stories, it’s virtually impossible to get through all of them. And with tons coming in every week, there will always be a relevant story that will inspire you to take action on your own ecommerce business.

Business of Fashion

Do you sell apparel products? Business of Fashion was built for you.

It’s the one of the only ecommerce marketing newsletters that is built to deliver market intelligence specifically for the fashion industry. It also has a very strong market intelligence division for the cosmetics industry.

While this newsletter is almost entirely paid, the price tag is worth it.

Inside, you get advice on how to handle both physical and online retail. Every week, the latest developments in fashion are covered and analyzed. There are multiple case studies that reveal exclusive marketing strategies based on what the top fashion brands are doing. And there are even online courses for beginners who want to jump start their brand and growth online.

It’s quite simply the #1 resource for fashion entrepreneurs.

Fitt Insider

The biggest trend in ecommerce is the shift to wellness. Naturally, this meant there was a huge opportunity in the wellness marketing newsletter space. It wasn’t really covered though, until now.

Enter Fitt Insider.

It’s an ecommerce marketing newsletter that covers the 5 biggest wellness markets including healthy eating, personal care, physical activity, tourism, and medicine. Every week, they curate and analyze the biggest developments in these 5 markets. This includes the latest news, financial data, and actionable conclusions.

Every issue is rich with insights. The type of insights you would normally have to pay hundreds of dollars per year for. Yet, it’s completely for free. So if you’re in any of the 5 wellness markets they cover and are looking for a weekly newsletter that will give you the edge you need over your competitors, there’s no better newsletter than Fitt Insider.

Dips + Chips

Typically, most ecommerce marketing newsletters stick to either giving news or advice. Dips + Chips is one of the few newsletters that combine both.

The “Chips” section of the newsletter is catered toward curating the biggest news and ecommerce startup finds. The “Dips” section is focused on specific marketing lessons, opinions, and takeaways for DTC brands.

The bad news is that it’s not a frequently updated newsletter. You can expect an issue once every 2 weeks. Sometimes, you’ll need to wait even longer. The good news is that every issue is a worthwhile read for anyone interested in ecommerce.

Plus, it ends every issue with a real dip recipe you can make from home.

Modern Retail

Modern Retail is a publication owned by Digiday Media.

It’s a media brand that covers the ins and outs out of retail’s reinvention. Launched in 2019, it charts the evolution of DTC brands as they grow up, how tradition players like Target and Walmart are retooling, and everything in between. Not mention the effect businesses like Amazon have on the entire industry.

What makes Modern Retail so special though is that they create news.

In fact, many of the articles curated by other newsletters source them through Modern Retail. So while it is a 100% paid news source, you’re getting it all from the horse’s mouth. They even have their own podcast for additional interviews with some of the industries brightest stars.


Glossy is another publication owned by Digiday Media.

It’s a media brand that explores how fashion, luxury, and beauty industries are being disrupted by digital media and technology. And like Modern Retail, they create news that other ecommerce marketing newsletters reference in their curated articles.

It’s like a combination of Business of Fashion and Modern Retail, but through the lens of technology and a bigger emphasis on beauty. 

Being a paid subscriber also opens up some awesome resources like their summit/forum summaries, access to additional editorial content, and more. Plus, they also have a podcast that features the brightest minds in the fashion, luxury, and beauty industries.

Lean Luxe

Most ecommerce marketing newsletters are focused on the DTC as a whole.

Lean Luxe is the only newsletter that is 100% focused on the luxury market. It’s also the only daily, curated newsletter on the list. Everyday, they roundup the most important developments for the modern luxury business crowd.

Best of all, it’s 100% free.

They also share some of their insights, such as how modern luxury today is focused more on brand experience rather than having the ultimate, most exclusive product.

So if you’re in the luxury market, Lean Luxe is an absolute must have newsletter.

Loose Threads

Loose Threads is one of the few hybrid marketing newsletters.

They’re analysis of the fashion and cosmetics industry is top notch. Some of the topics they’ve covered in the past include offline retail for DTC brands, the growth of Kylie Cosmetics, marketing strategies such as “owning a category”, and more. In fact, I would say Loose Threads delivers some of the best, most actionable insights in the fashion space.

Now, while they’ve been a paid newsletter before, it seems like they’re not 100% free and would rather monetize through their consulting offers.

This is good news for you.

They also run a great Loose Threads podcast that interviews some of the best fashion related founders and executives.

Retail Brew

If you want the best summary of retail news, then this is my top pick.

Retail Brew is an offshoot of Morning Brew, which happens to be one of the best sources of business-related, curated news. Retail Brew follows suit and delivers the best curated newsletter that tracks what’s happening in both online and offline retail.

Delivered 3X per week, it’s a perfect cadence for any retail professional. It’s also 100% free as they monetize with sponsors rather than a paid newsletter. Unlike other newsletters on this list though, there is not much analysis and insights. Of course, this is offset by it’s extremely high quality summaries.

It’s one of the must have newsletter subscriptions in any category.

The Ad Nerds

There is a huge problem in the ecommerce marketing newsletter space. There are so few actual newsletters with weekly tactics and strategies to grow a brand.

The Ad Nerd newsletter fills this void by focusing on hardcore marketing advice. In fact, I would say it’s an even better fit for ecommerce marketers than most other lists because it’s that specific and advanced. It’s also a great fit for marketing minded founders who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty selling their products.

Some topics covered include how creative can use emotion to get people to buy, specific lookalike audiences that have performed well across the table with tons of clients, and even how to simplify account structures for even more profitable ad buying.


Trends is one of the more unique newsletters on this list.

With Trends, you’re not getting news or even marketing hacks. Instead, you’re getting new business opportunities every week. These opportunities are based on multiple factors and then summarized into “signals” to show how certain ideas are either going up or down.

For example, they’ve covered how melatonin has seen a sharp increase in interest.

Now, Trends is not an ecommerce newsletter. They cover almost every industry from software to conferences. With that said, there is plenty of analysis done in the ecommerce industry. Enough to include it in this list, anyway.

It’s a paid newsletter, so you can expect a ton of other things such as highly actionable interviews with marketers, founders, and executives you normally wouldn’t have access too.


CPG is one of the biggest categories in all of retail, including ecommerce. And of CPG, food & beverage is one of the biggest. Yet, there hasn’t been an ecommerce marketing newsletter that covers CPG. Until TasteMakers that is.

It’s a newsletter written by Wilson Hung, former Director of Growth at Kettle & Fire. 

What I like about TasteMakers is that it’s highly actionable. In fact, it’s the only newsletter besides Scale Your Store that contains deep ecommerce marketing insights that you won’t find anywhere else. Heck, TasteMakers even includes insights from multiple executives, consultants, and founders to give you a complete guide on every topic they cover.

They don’t publish often, but every issue is a must read.


Curated newsletters are great. The problem is that they have to be high quality or they become as useless as anything else. Retales is one of the few newsletters that is consistently great.

It’s a weekly newsletter about consumer behavior, brands, and the future of retail. 

Inside, you get crisp summaries of the best 3-5 articles they’ve read in the past week, amazing ecommerce resources such as industry reports, and even a brand spotlight to help you discover new DTC brands to follow and learn from.

I’ve found that even though I subscribe to multiple curated newsletters about ecommerce, Retales is one of the few that stand out to me in my inbox.