My Story

If you’re a physical product ecommerce business looking to break through the noise, experience explosive growth, and become the #1 premium brand in your category then you’re in the right place.

Here’s why…

I specialize in helping premium ecommerce brands find and exploit blue ocean opportunities that can scale their business.


I focus on 3 major pillars…

“Danavir is one of the best copywriter’s and 
marketing minds I’ve ever met. I’ve trusted him to write copy and build funnels for clients that had followings of over 1 MILLION fans. I even send my own team to learn from him.”

– Adam Linkenauger, Founder of I Love Basketball TV

Brand Positioning

You must find a gap in your customer’s mind and do everything in your power to fill it before your competitors do. This includes ruthlessly sacrificing everything that doesn’t help your cause and focusing your entire business on the category that will.

The goal is help you become the #1 or #2 brand in your category.

Product Messaging

To solidify your brand positioning and attain message-to-market match, you need a remarkable marketing message that sells your products. This also serves as a gateway to product improvements, new product ideas, and customer insights that expand into multiple mediums, marketing campaigns, and product categories.

The goal is to maximize your customer acquisition, average order value, and repeat purchases for the fastest growth possible.

Content Strategy

Content marketing is the only marketing left.

And in 2019, that means using social media to build an audience.

In fact, what you really want to do is to transform your ecommerce business into a media company that monetizes with physical products. It’s better to create your own Game of Thrones, The Office, and ESPN than it is to be QVC or Billy Mays. And it should all be done wherever your audience’s eyeballs are including Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, podcasting, or anywhere else.

The goal is to attract paying customers who know, like, and trust your brand before they ever buy anything as well as encourage repeat purchases.

“Danavir is my go to guy whenever I need A-level copy written. Unlike a lot of other copywriters I’ve worked with, he really understands customer psychology at a deep level and that’s what makes his stuff pull so well.”

Ron Reich, Consultant

About Me

When my first ever consulting client saw a 600% increase in his monthly revenue after a tweaks to his business model, that’s when everything changed. I was just 15 years old at the time.

Since then, I’ve repeatedly helped physical & digital product ecommerce businesses of all sizes boost their revenue with performance branding.

I’ve been featured on Entrepreneur, Forbes, Sumo, Marketing Prof’s, Problogger, Neil Patel, Grow & Convert, and more…

I started a humble copywriting blog and grew it into one of the most recognizable and well-respected copywriting education companies online. This includes growing the highest-rated copywriting group on Facebook. Writing one of the most popular marketing articles on the internet in 2016. And earning the attention and trust of some of the world’s greatest direct response copywriters within just months of starting.

Most importantly, I’ve helped my clients break through the noise in hyper-competitive markets, dramatically boost their total revenue, and achieve some of their biggest months yet. 

10 years later, I’m still helping physical product ecommerce businesses with their brand positioning, customer journey’s, product messaging, and content strategy to “unlock” new and fast growth in their businesses.

“I’ve applied Danavir’s advice to both my own projects and the work I do with clients, especially with email. The results? Higher open and click rates. Fewer unsubscribes. More leads and sales.

Nathan Collier, Founder of The Content Marketing Lounge

How To Work With Me

If you’re a physical product ecommerce business looking to “unlock” new growth, just fill out the form below and let me know what your most frustrating challenges are and what your BIG goals are. I’ll personally reply back as soon as possible with the next steps.

“I don’t vouch for many people, but Danavir is a
relentless workhorse who is a fountain of ideas. That combined with his experience only means success when working with him.“

Sol Orwell, Founder of