10 Best Online Business Ideas For Moms In 2021

The best online business ideas for moms have nothing to do with “mom activities”.

The truth is, the best online business ideas for moms have to do with businesses that can be primarily started online and have the economics behind it that make it both likely to work and profitable for the long-term. Luckily, choosing an ecommerce business idea is a great path for this.

Let’s talk about them…

Start A Fitness Clothing Brand

Fitness moms are some of the best people to start a fitness clothing brand. This category includes leggings, shirts, shorts, jackets, pants, socks, and more. If you want to build a business in a category that is growing due to newer generations valuing their health more, try this business.

Depending on the specific type of clothing you make, you’ll have varying degrees of profit margin. But as long as you focus on wellness marketing strategies such as specific type of clothing for a specific group of people who are into fitness, then your chances of success will skyrocket.

Start A Honey Brand

Some moms make their own homemade honey. If that sounds like you, then it’s probably worthwhile to just go with that and sell it online. You will have to make sure you get over the initial legal hurdles so you can sell food online, but if you can, it’s a viable business.

Another option is to partner with a 3rd party manufacturer, which will be more expensive, but make life easier to get started. Either way, there’s a huge opportunity to start an artisanal honey brand since there is very little innovation that goes on in this category.

Start A Popcorn Brand

There are a lot of good food brands to start. One of them is the popcorn business. This category doesn’t just have to be the generic “butter popcorn” you get at the movie theaters. Like a lot of foods, it can be modified to better fit other people’s diets and flavor preferences.

Some food categories are really expensive to start. However, popcorn is generally cheaper to start than other food categories. It also has solid margins and can potentially have cheaper shipping costs than other heavier products.

Start A Frozen Food Brand

This is one of the more difficult online business ideas for moms. For an example of what I mean by frozen food, I mean anything that goes in the frozen food section of a grocery store such as frozen pizza and frozen burger patties. 

What makes frozen food difficult to sell online is that it’s difficult to ship. But if you can overcome this problem, then it allows you to start the business in a much less competitive place than if you went straight towards physical retail without any customer data from online sales.

Start A Lip Gloss Brand

Makeup is one of the most stable businesses when it comes to profit margins. The same goes for lip gloss. While Kylie Cosmetics isn’t a “lip gloss business” per say, it does show the power of building a brand based off of the lip category.

Lip gloss has two advantages over many other cosmetics. The first is that it’s cheaper to start than many other makeup products. The second is that it’s typically a very good entry offer to get people into your world and then sell them additional makeup products.

Start A Dog Treat Brand

If you’ve ever owned a dog, you’ve probably had the urge to start a business around all dogs. And you’d be right to do so because the dog market is one of the best markets in all of ecommerce. It’s one of the most recession-proof categories.

Dog treats in particular are great for ecommerce. Because unlike big bags of dog food, dog treats have good margins, they have higher price points, and they weigh less. All are necessary if you’re trying to focus on online sales rather than physical retail.

Start A Bath Bomb Brand

If you’re worried less about online business ideas for moms that are meant to be empires and are worried more about starting something that can be done on a tight budget, then I suggest looking into bath bombs.

Bath bombs can be made entirely from home. So despite not generally having high price points, your margins are going to be great. Plus, you get to control your inventory, which gives you more free cashflow to invest and the flexibility to pivot fast if something comes up.

Start A Pottery Brand

Not every mom makes their own pottery, but if you happen to be one of the few who do, then its probably best to look into selling your wares online. You can sell anything from plates to mugs and more. And you can sell it for great prices.

Like most products that can be made from home, the pottery business is also a very flexible one. You end up with higher-than-average profit margins and lower inventory sizes. Plus, they sell for higher prices than anything that is mass produced.

Start A Supplement Brand

This is another great one for moms who are into health. This category can include traditional “bodybuilding supplements” like protein powders. But it also includes health items like vitamins. Basically, anything that can be sold as a pill or powder.

The best part of the supplement business is that it has some of the highest margins in the entire health and wellness category. It’s also a business that solves very concrete problems, which makes it easier to target your best customers when advertising, especially with supplement marketing strategies.

Start A Swimwear Brand

One of the favorite online business ideas for moms is the swimwear category. This includes both men’s and women’s swimwear brands, as well as kids swimwear. It’s a seasonal category, but one where there’s huge money when beach season comes.

Swimwear faces a lot of the challenges of apparel. With that said, swimwear also tends to be much less competitive than the rest of apparel. This means there’s opportunity if you’re willing to be a premium priced brand that uses special fabrics to help people enjoy their summers.