The 18 Best Small Business Ideas For Men In 2021

There are a ton of small business ideas for men that make money, but aren’t fun.

There are also a ton of small business ideas for men that are fun, but don’t make money.

But the best small business ideas for men in 2021 are both fun for the average guy to run and are extremely profitable. This may sound like unicorn talk to some guys, but these types of ecommerce business ideas do exist. In fact, I’m going to lay out the best 10 today.

Let’s check them out…

Start A Supplement Brand

Do you like health and fitness? Then this category has your name on it. You can sell products like protein powder, health bars, and anxiety drops. You don’t have to be a scientist either to get started. And if you go private label, you can get started for just a few hundred bucks.

Why start a supplement brand?

  • It’s a high margin business. We’re talking 70%+, which is phenomenal.
  • It’s high in demand. Supplements is one of the fastest growing categories.
  • It’s a flexible category. You can sell everything from powders to beverages.

Start A Clothing Line

This is one of the most obvious business ideas for men. You can always sell your own brand of pants or jackets or shoes or even socks. It’s definitely not an easy business model, but if men’s fashion is your thing, go for it!

Why start a clothing line?

  • If you love clothing and fashion, you’ll naturally love building your own line of clothes.
  • If you love the idea of trying to get your clothing into physical stores, you’ll love this business.
  • If you love trying to create a brand that builds a movement, you’ll love selling clothing.

Start A CBD Brand

CBD is one of the hottest topics in men’s self care. In this category, you can sell CBD drops, capsules, food, beverages, and more. It’s a highly regulated industry, but it’s also super early. This makes it ripe for disruption.

Why start a CBD Brand?

  • CDB customers typically love CBD so much, they come back often.
  • It’s early. That means less competition to worry about.
  • Eventually, CBD restrictions will drop.

Start A Luxury Brand

If you love the finer things in life, then start a luxury brand. Luxury is less about what product category you’re in and more the status of the category. This means you can sell anything you want here, but for rich people. It’s one of my favorite small business ideas for men in 2021.

Why start a luxury brand?

  • Luxury products tend to have the highest margins.
  • It’s a smaller, more manageable business model.
  • Luxury brands have stronger, longer lasting moats.

Start A Subscription Box

While the gold rush for subscription boxes is over, the category is still very much alive. In fact, Lootcrate is still one of the fastest growing businesses in America. So if you like sending and receiving a box of cool stuff every month, you might like this business idea.

Why start a subscription box?

  • Subscription revenue is king.
  • You don’t need your own products to start.
  • Demand is still super high in certain markets.

Start A Tea Brand

Tea is only second to water as the most popular drink in the world. You can sell anything from premium matcha to private label Oolong tea in this category. This makes it one of the best small business ideas for men who need an idea that’s cheap and easy to start.

Why start a tea brand?

  • The organic opportunity is huge, especially SEO.
  • It’s pretty easy to differentiate if you go premium.
  • It’s rising in demand due to health conscious people.

Start A Streetwear Brand

Streetwear combines the best of fashion and the best of luxury to create one of the most exciting small business ideas for men in 2021. Here, you can sell everything from your own brand of Yeezy’s to your own version of Supreme.

Why start a streetwear brand?

  • It’s both a luxury and apparel business.
  • It’s the most modern of apparel categories.
  • It’s a business model built on collaborations.

Start A Candle Brand

Candles are one of most popular “home” categories you can sell. It’s also another one of those small business ideas for men that are easy and cheap to start. You can sell anything from standard candles to luxury candles that cost $30+ each.

Why start a candle brand?

  • It’s super low cost to start if you make them yourself.
  • It’s a low competition niche compared to other categories.
  • It’s perfect if you’re good at presentation.

Start A Beverage Brand

The beverage business is one of the most expensive small business ideas for men. Yet, it’s also extremely exciting. Imagine selling your own lemonade like Mike’s Hard Lemonade or your own water like Liquid Death. It’s a category where if you do well in, you’ll do really well.

Why start a beverage brand?

  • It has a high barrier to entry, so it’s less competition.
  • There are multiple untapped categories you can exploit.
  • It’s an old, stale industry that can be disrupted.

Start A POD T-Shirt Brand

This is one of the best small business ideas for men who want to get started with close to no money. In this business model, you’re essentially selling graphic tees. But you don’t have to worry about inventory or shipping. Just focus on the marketing and you’re good to go.

Why start a POD t-shirt brand?

  • No inventory.
  • No cash flow issues.
  • Super easy to start.

Start A Watch Business

Watches are one of the most iconic accessories for men. Even today where the function of watches has been all but eliminated, they’re still in ridiculously high demand due to their fashion value. Plus, it’s an exciting category with die-hard fans. What else can you ask for?

Why start a watch business?

  • Great margins
  • Tons of “super fans”
  • High AOV

Start A Sunglasses Line

Sunglasses are one of the best small business ideas for men, particularly if you want to sell something online. They economics behind sunglasses are super ecommerce-friendly. Hence why some of the biggest breakout brands online sell sunglasses.

Why start a sunglasses line?

  • Cheap shipping
  • High AOV
  • Great margins

Start A Sock Business

Socks are one of the best small business ideas for men if you love apparel. Unlike most clothing, the margins of socks are insanely high even when made with premium materials. Plus, they’re super niche friendly and have tons of bundling options available.

Why start a sock business?

  • Massive margins
  • Very “bundable”
  • Extremely popular

Start A Cologne Business

Colognes are a big business. I have yet to see a product with bigger margins than cologne. In fact, it’s why every luxury fashion brand gets into them. If you can overcome the problem of not being able to smell the product by using samples, it’s a great small business idea for men.

Why start a cologne business?

  • Insane 85%+ profit margin
  • Works well with personal care
  • Relatively cheap to get started

Start A Swimwear Line

You wouldn’t normally think of swimwear for men. However, there’s no reason why you can’t build an entire brand around swim trunks. Considering shorts are one of the most popular categories in menswear, swim trunks will do just as well.

Why start a swimwear line?

  • Niche ripe with opportunity
  • Moderate AOV business
  • Very popular in the summer

Start A Skincare Line

The skincare category for men is absolutely exploding. In fact, I would say it’s more exciting to be in the men’s category than women’s right now. Best of all, it’s still relatively early. So there’s plenty of room for you to start your own niche skincare line for men.

Why start a skincare line?

  • Men’s category is exploding
  • Very subscription friendly
  • Amazing margins

Start A Soap Business

If you’re looking small business ideas for men, don’t gloss over this opportunity. It’s quite possible the best “start at home” idea on this list. It’s super cheap to start, can be manufactured in your home, and has huge growth potential in the men’s category.

Why start a soap business?

  • Cheapest business to start
  • Very subscription friendly
  • Tons of customization options

Start A Shoe Business

Shoes are the most popular fashion category, period. This is true whether you want to make your own Allbirds or Yeezy’s. It’s also a category with great margins that can potentially combine the best of streetwear and the best of luxury. It’s a sneakerhead’s dream.

Why start a shoe business?

  • High AOV product
  • Extremely high in demand
  • Lots of niche opportunity

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